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Since its establishment in 1994, YLS Gas Systems Ltd. has evolved into a leader of pentane gas technologies and systems through years of pioneering effort. Backed by our dedicated R&D team, we have created innovative and proprietary pentane gasification and supply systems that help reduce pollutant emission not only at oil fields, gas fields and refineries, but also at terminals…

Raw Material We Use

Pentane Blend is a material separated from APG(Associated Petroleum Gas, or flare gas) and NGL(Natural Gas Liquid). Historically, APG and NGL are simply released or burnt off in-situ, resulting in environment pollution, global warming and financial loss. Now we offer a solution to make use of them as a safe, efficient and clean fuel on our systems…

Clean Energy Solutions

YLS Pentane Gasification and Distribution System is designed to gasify, convey and combust  liquid pentane blend in a safe, stable and efficient manner. The system utilises state-of-the-art techniques, offers durability and flexibility, and meets diversified energy needs. Particularly, the system can be installed in areas far from existing grids …

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