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YLS Gas Systems Ltd. started its business since mid-1990s with a belief that the upcoming new century will be an age of clean energy and low carbon consumption and emission.

Backed by our state-of-the-art and innovative technologies, we successfully built our first set of pentane gas generation and distribution system shortly after our establishment. Inspired by this success, our R&D team has continuously kept on innovation and created increasingly clean and efficient proprietary YLS pentane gas systems that pave a way to utilize raw pentane blend resource in an economic and environmentally-friendly manner. As of today, over 120 YLS pentane gas systems have been installed for smooth, efficient and safe operation nationwide, making YLS a leading pentane gas solution provider not only in China but all over the world.

We make operators and users’ safety our top priority with a strong commitment to safety issues. Upholding this in mind we have developed our corporate standard which later became a basis for the formulation of national standard of pentane gas applications. Drafting of the national standard Air-blended Pentane Gas(CJ/T341-2010) started in 2007 and that standard was officially promulgated by Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in 2010, making pentane gas an government endorsed and encouraged source of energy which brings about tremendous social, economic and environmental benefits.

As a leader of pentane gas sector, we are committed to meeting household, commercial and industrial demands for clean gas supplies and view this task core of our social responsibility. With unique advantages in serviceability and deployment, pentane gas serves as an ideal alternative to conventional sources of energy, thus providing more options for households, schools, hospitals, hotels, villas and industrial users. Pentane gas enjoys vast demand and great opportunities which are to be jointly exploited in collaboration with our partners.

Shouldering a mission of helping create a cleaner world in echo of global climate change and energy crisis, we are committed to offering a hand to build a society of energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and sustainable development. Hand in hand with our partners, we strive to grasp industry opportunities and jointly promote the growth of pentane gas industry and push the proven pentane gas technology to new territories.



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