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We purchase Pentane Blend in bulk quantity as source of fuel on a long-lasting basis.


About Pentane Blend

Pentane(including isomers n-pentane and isopentane) is a substance widely generated in energy and petrochemical sectors. In room temperature, it is a yellowish and slightly odorous fluid, the vapor of pentane, if ignited, burns fiercely and generates massive heat. YLS pentane gas system utilizes the blend of n-pentane/isopentane(the two isomers are treated as the same material, regardless their respective percentage of content in the blend, as they demonstrate the same property during combustion), the suitable content of n-pentane/isopentane should range between 40% and 85%. Pentane blend of this range of content comes from a variety of processes and applications in oil/gas producing and refining sectors. It can be the product of associated gas recovery at oil fields, product of natural gas recovery at gas fields, or liquid pentane at refineries. For detailed information about origins of pentane blend, click here to download a diagram.


The following is a sample of specification chart of raw pentane blend, please note, the distillation range is roughly between 70-90 °C. Click here to download. If you have any question regarding technical specification of raw pentane blend, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


Product Specifications and Requirements Sheet


If you are a supplier of pentane blend and are interested in selling this product, or if you have any question about the product, please contact us.

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